Neuro Services, Las Vegas


We provide services for the following conditions:


Multiple Sclerosis Dizziness
Parkinsons Disease Memory Loss
Migraines/Headaches Muscle Weakness
Traumatic Brain Injury Neck and Back Pain
Neuropathy Neuralgias
Myasthenia Gravis Numbness / Tingling
Syncope Slurred Speech
Vertigo Tremors/Twitches
Blackouts Movement Disorders
Seizures/Epilepsy Dystonia
Encephalopathy Unsteadiness
Dementia Gait Problem
Stroke/TIA's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Fibromyalgia AMS (Altered Mental State)




I started seeing Dr Chopra a couple of years ago. He was so professional and caring. I was referred from my P.A. to an ENT doctor as I fell and hit my head and lost my sense of smell and taste. Nothing found at the ENT and I had had a brain aneurysm before so the ENT Dr. called Dr. Chopra while I was sitting in his office and said I should be seen by Chopra. I was in his office within days. The tests were performed and he was really worried, so he had me see the #1 Neurosurgeon in Nevada. Thank God it was not another aneurysm. But also during one of those visits he discovered my histamine levels are high, put me on folic acid, B1,3,6,9,12 and magnesium for my heart and sent me to another wonderful caring cardiologist. I just recommended him to a friend of mine and would never see anyone else as long as Dr. Chopra is available. His staff also treated me very kindly and with professionalism. Thank you so much Dr. Chopra.


You are in my heart and prayers.




Dear Margie and Gobinder, I cannot begin to thank you for allowing me to call upon the two of you during my time of distress. Your kindness, concern and help was beyond diligence. You will always be part of the fabric of my love and life. Thank you for helping me.


From my heart,




I was very pleased with my appointment. Andy, the MA was very pleasant and professional. Dr. Chopra took the time to review and understand my medical history to better tx my condition. Im glad I found a Dr that actually cares.



I found it very easy to make an appointment Dr. Chopra was great at making it clear about my condition.



It was nice to be in a doctors office where the doctor actually listened to my problems, rather than rushing to quick judgement.